Today’s AAA National Average $2.419

Prices updated as of
4/24/17 3:41 am ET

Today’s AAA

National Average


Prices updated as of
4/24/17 3:41 am ET

Gas Prices Reach 2017 High

Today’s national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $2.41. This price is two cents more expensive than one week ago, 12 cents more than one month ago and 30 cents more Read more »

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Average Gas Prices Remain Steady Despite Low Demand

February 21,2017

National gas prices have increased fractions of a penny to reach today’s average price for regular unleaded gasoline, which is $2.28 per gallon. Today’s average is the same as one week ago, five cents less compared to one month ago and 56 cents more than…Read more »

Gas Prices Increase Slightly on the Week

February 13,2017

Gas prices edged up higher fractions of a penny over the weekend to reach today’s average price of $2.28. This is seven cents less per gallon on the month and an increase of 58 cents per gallon compared to this same date last year. Gas…Read more »

Gas Prices Remain Stable Despite Record Low Demand

February 06,2017

The national average price of regular unleaded gasoline remained relatively stable over the past week, settling at today’s price of $2.27 per gallon. Although today’s average remains flat compared to one week ago, drivers are paying ten cents less per gallon month-over-month, and 52 cents…Read more »

National Gas Price Average Drops 21 Consecutive Days

January 30,2017

Report updated Tuesday, January 31, 2017 Continual growth in the number of U.S. oil rigs and the increased drilling it implies are raising expectations for a climb in domestic oil production. Additionally, increased U.S. crude oil production coupled with lower driving demand has kept downward…Read more »