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Price as of 5/25/20

Month: May 2019

Domestic Gasoline Stocks Grew Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend

May 30,2019

In the run-up to a busy Memorial Day weekend, refineries across the country boosted their crude utilization rate to 91.2% — a significant increase to a spring season which has seen utilization in the 86-88% range, mostly due to unexpected and planned maintenance. The higher…Read more »

Total Domestic Gasoline Stocks Jump

May 23,2019

Gasoline supplies across the country increased by 3.7 million bbl last week, according to new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). At 228.7 million bbl, total gasoline inventories in the U.S. are 5.2 million bbl lower than were they were in mid-May 2018. One…Read more »

Dramatic Drop in Gas Demand Pushes Pump Prices Down

May 15,2019

The Energy Information Administration’s latest demand reading for gasoline dropped to 9.1 million b/d, a level typically seen in the fall or winter. The drop is approximately 800,000 b/d lower than the previous week and 400,000 b/d lower than this time last year. In fact,…Read more »