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Price as of 5/25/20

Month: September 2019

Gas Prices Trending Cheaper

September 30,2019

Two weeks after attacks on major Saudi Arabian oil facilities, the majority of Americans are starting to see signs of gas prices trending cheaper. While the national average may have only decreased by a penny on the week, 10 states saw pump prices decline by…Read more »

Growing Gas Stocks Contribute To Pump Prices Stabilizing

September 26,2019

Pump prices are continuing to stabilize for the majority of motorists, following the release of new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). In its report for the week ending on September 20, EIA’s data revealed that total domestic gasoline stocks grew by 500,000 bbl…Read more »

Gas Demand Drops, But Higher Oil Prices Push Pump Prices Up

September 19,2019

Fall typically brings lower gas demand, and the Energy Information Administration’s latest weekly report shows just that. For the week ending on September 13, demand dropped by 900,000 b/d from the previous week to 8.9 million b/d. Additionally, total domestic stocks increased by 800,000 bbl…Read more »

Gas Demand Rebounds and National Average Sees Slight Increase

September 12,2019

In its latest petroleum status report, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) revealed that gas demand increased by 336,000 b/d to 9.8 million b/d. This latest rate is 158,000 b/d higher than the first week of September 2018, which is surprising as demand generally slows post-Labor…Read more »