Today’s AAA National Average $2.182

Price as of 9/29/20

Month: August 2020

Gas Pump Prices Pushing Cheaper, Again

August 10,2020

On the week, the majority of states saw gas prices decrease minimally – by one to two cents or saw no change at the pump. Though low, the volatility was enough to drive the national average down a penny from last Monday to $2.17. Today’s…Read more »

National Average Holds Steady as Gas Demand Drops

August 06,2020

Since Monday, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline has held steady at $2.18, which is one cent less than a week ago, the same price as a month ago and 52 cents lower than a year ago. In the new weekly report…Read more »

Gas Price Increases Stalling Across the Country

August 03,2020

On the week, the national gas price average held steady at $2.18 as the majority of state averages saw minimal impact at the pump. With the exception of a few outliers – Florida (+10 cents), Utah (+10 cents) and Idaho (+5 cents) – state averages…Read more »