Today’s AAA National Average $2.854

Price as of 10/21/18

Month: October 2018

Domestic Crude Inventory Growth Continues

October 18,2018

In a surprising development, domestic crude inventories grew by 6.5 million bbl last week, as revealed by the latest Energy Information Administration data. Total crude inventories now sit at 416.4 million bbl, marking the fourth week of consecutive growth and highest level since late June. The…Read more »

Domestic Crude Inventories Swell as Production Hits All-Time High

October 11,2018

Showing more growth than expected, total domestic crude inventories hit 410.0 million bbl last week, according to the Energy information Administration (EIA). Despite the increase, crude storage levels are 52.2 million bbl lower than where they were this time last year. The year-over-year deficit has…Read more »

Gas Prices Seeing Resurgence

October 08,2018

The national gas price average increased three-cents on the week to $2.91. All but seven states are paying more on the week. Today’s national gas price average is six-cents more than a month ago and 41-cents more than a year ago. “The September switch-over to…Read more »

Gas Demand Up on the Week, but Historically Low

October 04,2018

After demand hit an unseasonal low of 8.9 million b/d for the week ending on September 21, the latest Energy Information Administration (EIA) report estimates demand for gasoline grew slightly to 9.1 million b/d last week. This uptick in demand occurred alongside a small drop…Read more »

Motorists Seeing Unexpected Gas Price Jumps at the Pump

October 01,2018

Despite gasoline demand dropping to 9.0 million b/d and inventories growing to 235.7 million bbl, according to the latest Energy Information Administration (EIA) data, the national gas price average has increased three cents on the week to land at $2.88 – a pump price not…Read more »