Today’s AAA National Average $3.528

Price as of 7/13/24

About AAA

About AAA

The AAA Gas Prices website is a public service of the United States of America’s largest motoring and leisure travel membership organization and is updated daily by Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) with average national, state and local prices for gasoline, diesel and E-85. Every day up to 120,000 stations are surveyed in cooperation with WEX, Inc.for unmatched statistical reliability.

AAA’s national and local club spokespersons are available for media interviews on a full-range of automotive, fuel and travel topics. AAA’s weekly national commentary and podcast on fuel price trends is available here. Additional information concerning AAA’s views on consumer advocacy topics is available at AAA Exchange and the AAA NewsRoom.

For information on using public transit to reduce fuel use, click here.

AAA’s Gas Prices website is updated daily and is the most comprehensive retail gasoline survey available.

**The BTU-adjusted price of E-85 is the nationwide average price of E-85 adjusted to reflect the lower energy content as expressed in British Thermal Units – and hence miles per gallon – available in a gallon of E-85 as compared to the same volume of conventional gasoline. The BTU-adjusted price calculated by OPIS and AAA is not an actual retail average price paid by consumers. It is calculated and displayed as part of AAA’s Gas Prices website because according to the Energy Information Administration E-85 delivers approximately 25 percent fewer BTUs by volume than conventional gasoline. Because “flexible fuel” vehicles can operate on conventional fuel and E-85,the BTU-adjusted price of E-85 is essential to understanding the cost implications of each fuel choice for consumers.

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