Today’s AAA National Average $2.521

Price as of 1/26/20

Month: December 2019

Gas Stock Growth Continues to Help Stabilize National Average

December 05,2019

Total domestic gasoline stocks grew for the fourth straight week, according to new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Stock levels increased by 3.4 million bbl, bringing the total to 229.4 million bbl, which is 3.1 million bbl higher than last year’s level at…Read more »

Gas Prices See Minimal Fluctuation Following Holiday Weekend

December 02,2019

Following a busy holiday long weekend that saw 49 million Americans traveling on roadways, gas prices across the country saw minimal fluctuation, with most states seeing decreases on the week. The national gas price average is one penny cheaper than last Monday at $2.58. Today’s…Read more »