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Gasoline Exports Set New Record

Gasoline Exports Set New Record

March 29,2018

The Energy Information Administration’s latest weekly report shows that the U.S. sent nearly 1.1 million b/d of gasoline to other countries last week – the fourth largest export rate on record and the highest so far this year. The previous record was set during the third week of November 2017; that’s when exports hit 1.2 million b/d.

The 1.1M total is a 413,000 b/d jump from the previous week and underscores the growing export market for gasoline produced in the U.S. The export trend has been growing since the first half of 2017, which saw a 3 percent increase over the first half of 2016.

High levels of domestic gasoline production, amid higher than usual domestic demand, has led to the U.S. gaining more of the share of the global market for gasoline. Mexico, Guatemala and Canada continue to remain top importers of gasoline from the U.S. In fact, over the past five years, U.S. exports of gasoline to Mexico have accounted for 44-53 percent of total gasoline exports from the U.S.