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Price as of 7/16/19

Today’s AAA
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Gas Stocks Tighten As Demand Climbs, Pushing Pump Prices Up

Growing demand and shrinking gas stocks are contributing to pump price increases seen since the Fourth of July, according to new data released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). For the week ending on July Read more »

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National Gas Price Jumps Seven Cents on the Week

March 18,2019

At $2.54, the national gas price average is 7 cents more expensive on the week and 23-cents more than last month. However, today’s price is just as expensive as the same day a year ago. In fact, for the first time since the end of…Read more »

Gasoline Stocks Fall and Demand Moves Higher Ahead of Spring

March 14,2019

In its latest weekly petroleum status report, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released new data that shows the spring driving season is certainly ahead for American motorists. Last week, gasoline demand took a step forward, increasing to 9.14 million b/d, according to EIA’s data. The…Read more »