Today’s AAA National Average $3.447

Price as of 6/16/24


Gas Prices Rising at the Fastest Pace Since Early November

February 29,2016

(WASHINGTON, February 29, 2016) The national average price of gas has increased for six consecutive days for the first time since early November, though drivers continue to enjoy relatively low prices at the pump. Gas prices have climbed by four cents per gallon versus one…Read more »

Gas Price Slide Stalls Near Seven-Year Low

February 22,2016

(WASHINGTON, February 22, 2016) The national average for regular unleaded gasoline continues to hover at levels not seen since the Great Recession, largely due to abundant supplies and low crude oil costs. Today’s average price of $1.71 per gallon is the lowest price for this…Read more »

Gas Prices Continue to Slide, Yearly Discount Widens Again

February 08,2016

(Washington, February 8, 2016) Domestic crude oil inventories reached their highest level for this time of year in nearly eight decades, and barring any major disruptions in supply, gas prices are likely to remain near their lowest price point since the Great Recession in the…Read more »