Today’s AAA National Average $2.208

Prices updated as of
9/25/16 3:39 am ET

Today’s AAA

National Average


Prices updated as of
9/25/16 3:39 am ET

Gas Prices Slowly Rise Causing Temporary Stall to Seasonal Savings

Today’s national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $2.21 per gallon, which is 3 cents more than last week and 8 cents more expensive than last month.  Today’s price represents a year over year Read more »

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Gas Prices Drop for Nine Consecutive Days

June 20,2016

Gas prices have fallen for nine consecutive days, reaching today’s average of $2.33 per gallon. Gasoline demand remains on track to set a new all-time high for the 2016 summer driving season, however, crude oil remains relatively less expensive than recent years which is contributing…Read more »

Average U.S. Gas Prices Climb to 2016 High

June 13,2016

The national average price of gas reached a new 2016 high over the weekend, and today’s average of $2.38 per gallon is the most expensive average since September 2015.  Gas prices have moved higher by two cents per gallon on the week and 16 cents…Read more »

National Average Price of Gas Increases to $2.36 per Gallon

June 06,2016

Tightening supply combined with strong gasoline demand contributed to pump prices moving higher over the past week. Today’s average price of $2.36 per gallon represents an increase of four cents per gallon since last week’s Memorial Day Holiday, and drivers are paying 14 cents per…Read more »