Today’s AAA National Average $2.850

Price as of 6/24/18

Month: August 2017

National Gas Price Average Hits Highest Pump Price of the Year

August 31,2017

Harvey-Induced Refinery and Pipeline Shut Downs Spur Short-Term Spike At $2.45, today’s national gas price average is the highest recorded price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline so far this year. The near-term combinations of numerous refinery and pipeline shut downs, tightened access to supply…Read more »

Harvey Drives Up Gas Prices Nationwide

August 28,2017

As Hurricane Harvey blasted Texas, gas prices shot up across the country. At $2.37, today’s national gas price average is four cents more expensive on the week and one of the largest one-week national gas prices surge seen this summer. About one quarter of oil…Read more »

AAA Forecast: Hurricane Harvey Impact on Gas Prices

August 25,2017

As it bears down on the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Harvey has high potential to negatively affect five southern Texas coast refineries and condensate splitter as well as crude and gasoline inventory levels in the region and beyond. The National Weather Service’s (NWS) National Hurricane…Read more »

Gas Prices Fluctuate Across the Country

August 21,2017

Prices Decrease in Midwest, East Coast and South as West Coast and Rockies see Pump Prices Increase At $2.33, the national gas price average is two cents cheaper than a week ago. Consumers in most Midwest, East Coast and Southern states are paying, on average,…Read more »

Pump Prices Climb as Gasoline Demand Hits Weekly Record

August 07,2017

Today’s national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $2.35 per gallon, which is three cents more than last week, nine cents more than one month ago, and 23 cents more than at the same time last year. The latest Energy Information Administration (EIA) report…Read more »