Today’s AAA National Average $2.182

Price as of 9/29/20

Month: September 2019

Pump Price Trends Falling into Place for Autumn

September 09,2019

Gas prices continue to trend – slowly, but surely – cheaper with half of all states seeing pump prices drop two-cents on the week. This caused the national average to push cheaper by a penny down to $2.56. Today’s average is 11-cents less than a…Read more »

Crude Stocks Take a Major Step Back As Pump Prices Stabilize

September 05,2019

In the Energy Information Administration’s latest report, total domestic crude stocks fell by 4.8 million bbl last week. Despite the drop to 423 million bbl, stocks are approximately 21.5 million bbl higher than were they were at the end of August 2018. The higher inventory…Read more »

Most Motorists Continue to See Decreases at the Pump

September 03,2019

While Hurricane Dorian Puts Pressure on Florida Gas Prices On the week, gas prices are as much as nine cents cheaper in every state except California, (+5 cents), Florida (+4 cents), Ohio (+2 cents) and South Carolina (+1 cent). Hurricane Dorian has been the driver…Read more »