Today’s AAA National Average $2.199

Price as of 7/13/20

Month: February 2020

National Average Increases Alongside Crude Prices

February 20,2020

In its petroleum report for last week, the Energy Information Administration revealed that total domestic gasoline stocks decreased by 2 million bbl to 259.1 million bbl, while demand increased from 8.72 million b/d to 8.92 million b/d. The drop in supply as demand has increased…Read more »

National Gas Price Average Jumps Two Cents

February 18,2020

State gas price averages are fluctuating across the country, causing the national gas price average to increase by two cents on the week to $2.44. Since last week, most states saw gas price increases or decreases by as much as three cents. However, eight states…Read more »

Year-over-year National Gas Price Gap is Shrinking

February 10,2020

Gas prices may be 16 cents more expensive than last year, but that price gap has been shrinking steadily. It’s the smallest year-over-year difference seen in two months. “At $50/bbl (West Texas Intermediate), crude oil prices are at their cheapest point in a year,” said…Read more »