Today’s AAA National Average $3.575

Price as of 5/29/24

Month: April 2024

With May Approaching, Pump Prices Stick to the Slow Lane

April 25,2024

With domestic gasoline demand decidedly in the doldrums and the cost of oil retreating, the national average dipped two cents since last week to $3.65.  “Domestic gas demand is pretty pokey at the moment, which is often the case in the runup to Memorial Day…Read more »

Is the Recent Climb in the Price of Gas About to Stall?

April 18,2024

Lackluster domestic demand for gasoline paired with decreasing oil prices led to the national average for a gallon of gas climbing just four cents to $3.67 since last week. With tensions running high over the past three weeks in the Middle East, the cost of…Read more »

Storm Clouds Abroad Have Gas Prices on Edge

April 04,2024

Please note that the AAA gas report will be going on Spring Break next week and will return on April 18th. Despite ominous overseas news, a pop in domestic gasoline demand, and oil prices rising to the mid-$80s per barrel, the national average for a…Read more »