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Gasoline Demand Measures at Highest Level in Nearly Four Months

Gasoline demand increased on the week to the highest level (8.7 million b/d) since March as stocks decreased, but the combination wasn’t enough to significantly impact gas price averages across the country. On the week, Read more »

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Gas Demand Sees Significant One-Week Increase

June 29,2020

On the week, gasoline demand, as estimated by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), increased 10% from 7.8 million bbl to 8.6 million bbl. While the demand rate is much lower than a typical summer reading, it’s the highest recorded since late March showing continued signs…Read more »

Price Increases Slow Alongside Dip in Gas Demand

June 22,2020

The rate at which gas prices are increasing across the country is slowing. Thirty states only saw an increase of a penny or two, causing the national average to push more expensive by three cents to $2.13 since last Monday. The slower rate can be…Read more »

National Average Slows Ascent

June 18,2020

Since Monday, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline has increased by a penny to $2.11, which is three cents higher than a week ago, 24 cents more than a month ago and 56 cents less than a year ago. According to new…Read more »