Today’s AAA National Average $2.558

Price as of 3/19/19

Today’s AAA
National Average


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National Gas Price Jumps Seven Cents on the Week

At $2.54, the national gas price average is 7 cents more expensive on the week and 23-cents more than last month. However, today’s price is just as expensive as the same day a year ago. Read more »

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National Average Nearly 20-Cents Higher than Two Months Ago

March 04,2019

The national gas price average has increased nearly 20-cents since the beginning of the year, which is the largest jump during the January-February timeframe since 2015. Pump prices rose steadily across the country in February, a month that saw a number of refineries undergoing planned…Read more »

Domestic Crude Production and Exports Set New Records Last Week

February 21,2019

In its latest weekly report, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) revealed that total domestic crude production hit 12 million b/d last week. This rate is the highest weekly estimate ever recorded by EIA, since the federal agency began tracking the data in 1983. Recent growth…Read more »