Today’s AAA National Average $2.558

Price as of 3/19/19

Today’s AAA
National Average


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National Gas Price Jumps Seven Cents on the Week

At $2.54, the national gas price average is 7 cents more expensive on the week and 23-cents more than last month. However, today’s price is just as expensive as the same day a year ago. Read more »

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2019 Rings in Cheapest New Year Gas Prices Since 2016

January 03,2019

The New Year has ushered in the cheapest national gas price average in three years. To boot, at $2.25 today’s national average is even one cent cheaper than on January 1 and trends indicate that pump prices will likely remain cheap for at least the…Read more »

Prices Fall Below $2 Per Gallon in Nine States

December 27,2018

Nearly 20 percent of states are currently enjoying prices below $2.00 per gallon. Nationally, retail averages have dropped ­­­83 of the past 90 days. The national average for regular unleaded gasoline currently sits at $2.30 per gallon, which is six cents less than one week…Read more »