Today’s AAA National Average $2.649

Price as of 10/20/19

Month: February 2019

Domestic Crude Production and Exports Set New Records Last Week

February 21,2019

In its latest weekly report, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) revealed that total domestic crude production hit 12 million b/d last week. This rate is the highest weekly estimate ever recorded by EIA, since the federal agency began tracking the data in 1983. Recent growth…Read more »

Gas Prices Jump for Most of Country

February 19,2019

On the week, 28 states saw gas price averages increase by at least a nickel, pushing the national gas price average up six-cents to land at $2.33. That is the largest one-week increase seen at the national level this year. Today’s gas price average is…Read more »

Winter Weather Continues to Knock Down Gas Demand

February 14,2019

Frigid winter weather has played a critical role in keeping pump prices low this winter due to relatively low demand for gasoline. For two weeks, demand numbers have been decreasing. The latest Energy Information Administration data reveals that gas demand fell by approximately 425,000 b/d from the…Read more »