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Price as of 6/25/19

Today’s AAA
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Going Against Usual Trends, Demand Drives Gas Prices Down Even Lower

U.S. gasoline demand hit its highest level at 9.93 million b/d, for the week ending June 14. It is the highest level ever recorded since the Energy Information Administration (EIA) began publishing data in 1991. Read more »

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National Gas Price Average Jumps Eight Cents on the Week

March 25,2019

With an eight-cent jump on the week, at $2.62, the national average continues to trend more expensive since mid-February. While today’s national average is nearly a quarter more expensive than last month, it is only two cents more expensive than last year at this time….Read more »

Spring Brings Higher Gasoline Demand

March 21,2019

Last week, demand for gasoline increased significantly by 269,000 b/d from the previous week, according to new data released by the Energy Information Administration. Demand now sits at 9.4 million b/d, which is 85,000 b/d higher than last year at this time and 200,000 b/d…Read more »