Today’s AAA National Average $3.867

Price as of 10/6/22

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Gas Prices Fluctuate Moderately Across the Country

May 06,2019

With the national gas price average at $2.89 – just a penny more expensive than last week – the majority of states are seeing moderate jumps and even declines at the pump. Twenty-seven states saw gas prices decrease or hold steady on the week with…Read more »

Total Domestic Crude Inventories Spike Ahead of Summer

May 02,2019

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) revealed that domestic crude inventories jumped significantly last week — by 10 million bbl.  They now sit at 470.6 million bbl, which is nearly 35 million bbl more than the level last year at this time. Crude inventories have not…Read more »

Robust Gas Demand Continues to Shrink Stocks and Drive Up Pump Prices

April 25,2019

Consumer gasoline demand this spring remains robust as stocks continue to decline. In its latest weekly petroleum report, the Energy Information Administration revealed that while demand decreased slightly to 9.41 million b/d last week, the rate is more than 325,000 b/d higher than where it was last year at this time. Alongside healthy demand, total domestic…Read more »

Californians Paying Most Expensive Pump Prices in Five Years

April 17,2019

Pump prices have spiked in California as unexpected and planned maintenance and the switchover to more-expensive summer blend gasoline continues, ultimately increasing the national average. Out of California’s 10 refineries, six have seen a reduction in refined products output, including gasoline, due to maintenance upgrades…Read more »